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Maintaining your ideal temperature in your home or business is part of what makes it an enjoyable place to be. At Donnie Martin Heating & Cooling in Lucasville, OH, we are the leading experts in the heating and cooling industry. Since the founding of our company over 30 years ago, providing excellent customer service that is unmatched by our competitors has always been our priority. Our competitive prices, combined with our knowledgeable staff of technicians, are what has given us the reputation as a business you can trust. 

Maintaining clean ducts are vital to keeping the integrity of the air quality in your home or business. Contaminants trapped in your ducts can circulate when running the air conditioning, which can aggravate the symptoms of those with allergies and asthma. Our technicians will thoroughly clean the register covers, removing any dust or film and provide a deep clean to the source of the air supply. All of the air ducts will be vacuumed and sanitized to rid your central air duct system of the contaminants and dust that have accumulated and restore proper air quality to your home.

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